Manning the Bench

In the third quarter of last week’s Broncos vs. Chiefs game, coach Gary Kubiak surprised viewers when he replaced quarterback Peyton Manning with backup Brock Osweiler to play on the field.

Ironically, the switch came during the same game that Peyton Manning set the record for all-time passing yards in the NFL, a mile mark in his career.

In his game against the colts, Manning suffered a foot injury, but felt good enough on Friday’s practice to play in Sunday’s game. However, after the Chiefs game it was announced that he has a partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot. As a result of this, Osweiler wiimages-1ll continue to play until Manning’s injury is healed.

In his time on the field after completing the record, Peyton Manning threw more than three interceptions and failed to complete any scoring drives.

After being substituted for Manning, Osweiler led the Broncos on two scoring drives, one of which resulted in a touchdown and the other a field goal. During his playing time he put up a total of 13 points for the team.

According to Gary Kubiak, his quarterback change does not in any way indicate a lineup change in the future. He says that if Manning is ready to go and feels healthy, he will be put back into the game.

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