Mammal March Madness


March Madness usually refers to the time of year basketball brackets are filled out for fans to bet which team will win. In Mr. Deets’ zoology class, students are filling out brackets for another type of madness. Mammal Madness.

The Mammal March Madness is where different mammals are split up into four sections. The animals then “face-off” through a comparison of their different traits to determine which animal wins and advances to the next round in the bracket.

“It’s a spin off of the NCAA Basketball tournament,” Senior Ray Beresford, said, “For example, this year it has a mythical section and a mighty mini section. It’s a cool and fun way to learn about some of these animals.”

The brackets are a prelude to the next unit of study in zoology.

“We’re going to be starting the mammal unit soon so it’s kind of a fun way to introduce the unit to us.” said Senior Tyla Stewart.

Although students had the option to participate in this activity, there is a reward involved.

“For anyone who wanted to fill out the bracket has a chance to win some bonus points or some type of prize if you have the most points.” Beresford said.

This March, Mr. Deets’ zoology class is taking part in the Mammal March Madness to gain some knowledge about mammals by cheering on their favorites.

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