Making History


Rock Climbing history was made Wednesday, Jan. 14  When two men climbed the face of Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park.

It is an almost completely flat face and considered one of the hardest walls to climb in the world.  It took the two men 19 days to summit the rock, El Capitan.images

It was the first free ascent on the 3,000 foot rock.  This climb is leaving an impact all around the world of rock climbing.

“The climb inspired me to want to better myself so that one day I can hopefully do the same climb,” sophomore Graham Carroll said.

Because of the intensity of the climb both men trained for countless hours before heading up the steep wall.

They had to bring all their own supplies up with them including food, water, gear and any other items that seemed important.

That specific part of Yosemite also has great cell service so the duo was able to tweet and post pictures on Instagram of what was happening everyday they were up there.

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