Madrigal Feast

On Dec. 1st through the 3rd Mountain Vista High School Choir had the opportunity to go to the Highlands Ranch Mansion and sing for their parents at the highly anticipated Madrigal Feast.

“You buy tickets to participate and you get to watch everyone in the choirs sing, eat dinner, and see magicians do tricks,” sophomore Makenna Hemmerle said.

The Madrigal Feast only happens every two years, so the students are extremely excited when they get to do it.

“Yes I am [excited to participate in the next Madrigal Feast] because I had a lot of fun this year and I know I’ll have even more fun next time,” Hemmerle said.

All of the choirs performed at the event and sang a variety of different Christmas songs.

“[Women’s Chorus sang] Songbird, Carol of Winter Peace, Shepherds Watched their Flocks,” Hemmerle said. “At the end, all of the MVHS choirs sang Sevivon, Candlelight Carol and Silent Night.”

Everyone dressed up in classic Christmas attire and the room was decked out in traditional Christmas decorations.

“It was fun to participate in a little dinner theater. I also liked all of the decorations, renaissance costumes, and Christmas spirit in the room,” sophomore Maddie Deering said.

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