Maddie and Tae “Start Here” Album Review


Not many girls can say that they got signed to a record label with their best friend before their 21 birthday. Even fewer girls can say that label was a subsidiary of the same label as Taylor Swift. The “even fewer girls” I’m talking about are Maddie and Tae. Signed to Dot Records in June 2014, they were the first group signed to the new imprint of the label.

The duo released their first single “Girl in a Country Song” on Tuesday, July 15 2014. The song reached number one on Country Airplay later that year in Dec. They are the first female duo to reach number one on the chart in nine years. The video for “Girl in a Country Song” has over 26 million views and was nominated for three different Country Music Television music awards. It was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2015.

The songs on the album range from the fun upbeat songs such as ‘Girl In A Country Song’ and ‘Shut Up And Fish’ to softer ballads ‘Fly’ and ‘After The Storm Blows Through’. The themes of the songs range from feminism and boys to friendship and bullying. Not wasting a moment on the album, all of the songs are very well written and have powerful lyrics and instrumentals.

Personally, I am not usually a fan of country music, but this album is overall very good. They are great songwriters and singers, and I can honestly see them getting very big in the near future– perhaps even selling out a show at Red Rocks. I hope for nothing but the best for them and their career.


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