Lollicup Tea and Coffee Review


Lollicup is a hole in the wall Taiwanese tea shop. The shop serves snow bubbles, slushes, fruit juice, smoothies, coffee and hot or iced teas. All the teas can come with add-ins such as boba, mini boba, green tea boba, pudding and over five different flavors of jelly.

The snow bubbles and slushes come in almost any flavor you can imagine ranging from tropical fruits, like mango, to chocolate mint and almost anything in between.Lollicup

Along with the snow bubbles and slushes you can get teas, hot or cold, in many different flavors including fresh fruit teas and milk teas. Hot milk tea is definitely a winter favorite with festive flavors such as pumpkin and mint.

Lollicup also offers add-ons, such as boba and jelly, in every drink. These give the drink a different texture so it is not just a drink. Some of the extras you can add into your drink include boba, pudding, noodles and jelly.

Other than the drinks, some locations have snacks such as steamed veggie rolls or fried calamari. Most of the Colorado locations cannot serve you a full meal, but they definitely have good food to snack on.

Lollicup has three locations in Colorado. Two of the three are fairly close to Denver though they are about twenty minutes away from Highlands Ranch. One shop is off I-25 on Colorado Boulevard; the other closer location is off Mississippi Avenue and South Federal Boulevard. A little farther, but nice for anyone going to University of Colorado Boulder, there is another location off East College Avenue right next to the Fox Theatre.

Many of the shops are not only some of the best places to get drinks, but they are also a great place to hang out with friends. Off Colorado Boulevard, Lollicup has chess, a foosball table, cards and Connect Four making the shop a fun place with an upbeat vibe. All of the other locations also provide entertainment such as television and games.

Lollicup is by far not only the best place for warm, winter drinks, but also the best place to go and hang out with friends. You are guaranteed to be hooked right away.

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