Archive: Live Blog: Varsity Hockey vs. Denver East High School

Welcome to the live blog the the varsity hockey game against Denver East High School. Refresh this page for constant updates on the game.

Live blog by Jackson Braun and Brendan Elkins

10:00 p.m. Denver East takes the win against Vista 5-3


9:57 p.m. Vista pulls the goalie to try and make a play but Denver East takes a slapshot from the right outside and makes the shot bringing the game 5-3 with twenty seconds left


9:45 p.m. Jackson Mullane, Highlands Ranch High School, scores a much needed goal behind the East goalie making the game, 5-3, as we are making a come back with six minutes left in the game.



9:39 p.m. Denver East charges up the ice with a three on two, and fakes the right shot passing to the left and scoring on Vista making the game, 5-2, with ten minutes left in the third, and final, period.


9:31 p.m. Denver East takes the lead with an outside shot to make the game, 3-2, then East drives down the ice after a missed Vista shot and scores again making the game 4-2 in the favor or Denver East.


9:30 p.m. Vista takes the ice for the third period, fighting for the lead in a close game.

9:15 p.m. Denver East charges down the ice and takes a 1v1 with the goalie and hits the shot, leaving the two teams tied, 2-2, with one minute left in the second period.

9:03 p.m. goes into a power play, after a small fight broke out on the ice.

8:59 p.m Jared Goodman scores with a strong drive down the ice making the score, 2-1, with 11 minutes to go left in the second period.

8:51 p.m The start of the second period is now under way. Denver east starts off by taking a fast break down the ice and scores tying the game, 1-1. 15 minutes remain in the second period.

8:35 p.m. The first period is now over and Vista is in the lead, 1-0.

8:16 p.m. Jackson Mullane, a member of the Highlands Ranch High School contingent on the team, scores an unassisted goal, placing Vista in the lead, 1-0, with 13 minutes remaining in the first period.

8:10 p.m. The first period of the game is underway.

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