LIVE BLOG: Democratic Caucus

6:00– Voters began to arrive to register for the caucus.

6:15– Linda Wilson explains the process leading up to tonight’s caucus and why she supports Hillary.

6:21— Scott Goodstein explains why he supports Bernie Sanders over the opponent Hillary.

6:37— Mountain Vista StudentCcgcH07UYAA2upqs start to show up as the start of the caucus is in 23 minutes. “Hillary is the bandwagon candidate because she is like ‘Let’s support gays because it’s trendy,'” senior Lauren Lamb said.

7:00— The final democrats trickle in as the doors close.


7:17—  A female supporter for Hillary Clinton gives a speech about what Clinton’s platforms are and why people should vote for her.

7:19— A female supporter of Bernie Sanders comes up to give a speech about why Bernie should be president. She even starts crying as she explains her job as a nurse and seeing people who are unable to pay for their healthcare.

7:30— People begin to vote as the official caucus starts.

7:36— Senior Sean Barrett votes for Bernie Sanders in the caucus. “I’m voting for Bernie for his stints on health care and his opposition to trade deals like NAFTA and TPP,” Barrett said.IMG_1759

9:04— The total delegates are counted with 16 for Clinton and 13 for Sanders.

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