Lauren Irwin Wins Colorado High School Journalist of the Year


As a Mountain Vista Media (MVM) editor, you have several jobs. Some include working on the yearbook and making sure it is the best it can be, being a peer to many students and looking over their work, as well as having outside commitments. Being an editor for Vista’s media program takes up a lot of time and can be a lot of hard work, but the payoff is well deserved. This year, one of MVM’s editors, senior Lauren Irwin, won the Colorado High School Journalist of the Year Award.

To enter to be the Colorado Journalist of the Year, there are many qualifications to be met. Irwin met all of them. Including having a 3.0 GPA or higher and working on yearbook, magazine and broadcast for multiple years.

“When I found out Lauren got this award, I was ecstatic,” junior Lexi Riga said. “[Lauren’s] passion for journalism has grown a lot this year.”

Being Journalist of the year is more than just a title. To Irwin, it means a lot more.

“To me, [being journalist of the year] means I’m moving in the right direction and it’s great to be noticed for my hard work and dedication,” Irwin said.

Since 2012, Mountain Vista has had 4 Colorado Journalist of the Year awards, and two runner-up awards. In 2014, Taylor Blatchford, won National High School Journalist of the Year. Irwin has also applied for this position in hopes that she will win.

“This is a long line of great Mountain Vista Media students,” advisor Mark Newton said. “Lauren definitely joined a great group of students.”

Irwin’s positivity and encouragement have uniquely influenced the staff at MVM to work hard and to persevere through all difficulties. Her ability to spread positivity and her love for journalism has created an atmosphere for MVM that makes every event enjoyable.

“She’s super passionate about journalism and it shows in her work. She designed the entire yearbook and has worked tirelessly since day one to make sure that it’s perfect,” Riga said.

Irwin has been a part of Vista’s journalism program for the past two years and hasn’t looked back. She owes it all to Newton and the way he taught her everything she knows.

“I really enjoy sharing people’s stories and making an impact through my writing,” Irwin said.

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