Khalid Concert

//Harper Boggs//


After travelling to Portland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many others, musician Khalid finally made it to the Red Rocks venue in Morrison, Colorado during the “Roxy Tour.” He opened with the popular song “8TEEN,” which brought thousands of fans to their feet dancing. The concert included songs from Khalid’s famous album, “American Teen,” which included “Location,” “Angels,” “Keep Me” and many others. Khalid also alluded to a new album by performing the unreleased song, “Fading in Miami.”


Khalid included specific visuals which corresponded with the song he would sing. During the song “Therapy,” a loop of ocean waves was projected on a large screen.


“I thought the overall environment was really fun to be a part of,” sophomore Hannah Corbet-Thiele said. “I loved seeing Khalid live because I have always enjoyed his music and to finally see him in the flesh was a memorable experience.”


Khalid shared feelings about his path to becoming famous at such a young age before singing the first song he ever wrote, “Saved.”


“I loved listening to Khalid’s backstory, it was really empowering and inspiring to see that he began his passion for song writing at such a young age,” sophomore Hollie Dieffenbaugher said.


Khalid began writing his most popular songs during his high school years. Some of these songs included “American Teen,” which was released when Khalid was only 19 years old, and “Shot Down.”


“I was especially excited when I heard my favorite song, ‘Shot Down’. I was in such a good mood the entire time,” sophomore Jessica Lauck said.


Khalid’s “Roxy Tour” will take him to several more locations across the nation including, Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland.   


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