Kenzie Haberkorn AP Art


In AP Drawing and Painting senior Kenzie Haberkorn is working on a self portrait painting with Dia De Los Muertas makeup. Dia De Los Muertas translates to Day of the Dead in English and it is tradition in the spanish culture to paint their faces on this special holiday event.

“When I started it was the week of Halloween so I was playing around with Face makeup and and decided to do Dia De Los Muertas makeup. So I painted my face during class, took a selfie and am using it as my reference,” Haberkorn explained. From this reference Haberkorn is challenged to paint herself as detailed and precisely as possible with end results turning out well.

Art is something Haberkorn has always enjoyed as a hobby. She plans to minor in studio art in college but doesn’t think she will make a career out of it.

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