Katy Perry at Lakewood High School Today

fasdfFriday, Oct. 25, Katy Perry performs a private concert at Lakewood High School.  The concert can be viewed live on the Good Morning America show and on the 7NEWS website.

Katy Perry picked LHS from many different high schools across the country in her ‘Roar’ lip-dub competition held on Good Morning America.  The video can be seen on this link:


Katy is celebrating her birthday with Lakewood by performing for them.  The schools participating in the contest needed to have some sort of back story. For Lakewood, it was the flooding that affected their school and caused them to need to rebuild parts of the school.

You can find the link to watch the concert here on 7NEWS if it spikes your interest:


To read about live coverage from LHS’ newspaper, the Spectator, visit this website:



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