Juniors are Required to Take Economics

LEXI WEINGARDT On Jan. 16, counselor Wendy Strait surprised the class of 2017 once again. In an email to all juniors she announced that, although we had previously been told we would not be required take Economics as a senior, we now will have to take an Economics class.

The email did not say much other than that the counselors will inform students about what is happening during Friday’s registration sessions.

However, during an interview with Strait, she was able to clarify some details. First of all, she said that the Administration as well as the Social Studies Department made the decision last year when “the Social Studies scope and sequence changed.”

Apparently, Economics was a required class several years ago and still is a required class at many schools in the district.

Strait said that she agrees with the decision to make Economics a required class.

“It is important to know how the economy and stock market works so you can be a productive adult,” Strait said. “It is often a required class in college as well.”

Although most students do recognize that Economics is an important class, some are frustrated that we have no choice in the matter.

“Even though I don’t want to take it, I think everyone should take Economics at some point,” junior Gannon Rushall said. He stated he is still upset that he will no longer have an off period due to the additional required class.

Unfortunately, current juniors do not have a say in whether or not the class should be required; it seems it has already been decided for us.

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