Junior Chemistry Lab


Chemistry uses the relationship of different properties. In order to help students understand these different interactions, the science department at Mountain Vista High School (MVHS) often uses labs. Last week in Mrs. Riggs’s class, students performed a Lewis Structure Activity.

The Lewis Structure shows the bonds of atoms using dots and dashes to represent how atoms share electrons.

“It is a way to show how polyatomic ions are covalently bonded. Which is pretty much putting them together with covalent bonds.” junior Matias Grossi said.

A covalent bond is formed using two nonmetal elements.

Labs like the Lewis Structure appeal to students for many reasons.

“I like that we get to do the activity by ourselves and then check our answers so that we don’t just have to sit here and guess. Also, the labs are all hands on and we get to burn things,” junior Morgan O’Connor said.Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.36.02 AM

The science department will continue to explore new labs to further benefit MVHS students’ learning.

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