Jack Johnson’s New Album Review

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Jack Johnson, rock artist, released his latest album “From Here to Now to You” on Sept. 7 and it has grown popularity quite quickly.

The album features the same usual slow rock beach feel that Jack Johnson has come to provide us time and time again.  This album includes a bit of a funky beat with some of his songs.  For example, the song “Shot Reverse Shot” exemplifies a sort of upbeat groovy sound that can get anyone in a good mood.

The album has grown some popularity, but as most main stream music works it will take a few weeks or even months before most listeners take a peek at even one of his songs from the radio stations.

I would recommend this album to a friend as it really does represent some of Jack Johnson’s great works and it would definitely cheer up any bad mood.

Jack Johnson has proved that he’s not slowing down with his music anytime soon, he loves making music and has grown a huge career since he first showed up on the map.


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