Interactions With Technology

With many teenagers grabbing at their smartphone whenever they get the opportunity, it’s not a surprise that toddlers will grow up in a technological world. Learning from iPads and Nooks, is all they have known so far. Interaction through technology between children is both influential and negative.

As an expanding economy and generation, technology will be something to tell their children.

The New York Times published an article “The Child, The Tablet, The Developing Mind”, that explains the struggle of separation between a toddler and an iPad at a dinner table. While out to dinner the author’s sister gave in and gave her children iPads to avoid the childrens’ fighting and screaming. The kids were silent the rest of the night focused on on-going games like Temple Run.


This adds to the question, does technology influence a child for the better or the worse?

Personally, I think it’s a very negative approach of teaching.

Children will become more dependent on their electronics,  rather than focusing on the little details. If something traumatic where to happen, like losing service in a forest, there would be no reactions to their environment. Without reaction to your surroundings, anything and everything can happen.

Of course, there are beneficial applications that can help your struggling child in math or to help your child get a jumpstart in education.

Dr. Gary Smalls author of  “iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind,” claims that we are really not sure what the effects of technology on toddlers are yet. Each toddler will have different effects.

Everything should be used in moderation to avoid the long term effects.

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