“If I Stay” Movie Review


Based on Gayle Forman’s best selling novel, “If I Stay” was adapted into a great film, especially for younger audiences.

The film follows Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her closest family and friends after enduring a traumatic car crash. Mia is the only one of her immediate family to live through the tragedy and then must choose if she wants to live life an orphan, or accept death to be with her family.

The adaptation of “If I Stay” translated well into a movie. The flashbacks presented following the accident provides insight into Mia’s world and what is shaping her decision between life and death.

It becomes apparent that Mia is an amazing cellist and has been since a very young age. She has grown up with a dream of one day going to Juilliard despite her rocker boyfriend, Adam (Jamie Blackley), advising her to stay close to home and close to him.

The love story Mia shares with Adam can be quite dramatic at times, but it does convincingly manage to correctly portray a teenage love story.

Another good attribute of the film was the theme of music. The mix between both classical and Pacific Northwest rock proved to be successful throughout the entire film.

Altogether, I would say that the movie deserves four out of five stars. It might be slightly dramatic at times, but the film is definitely worth watching.

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