“I, Frankenstein” Review


urlAaron Eckhart starred in “I, Frankenstein” which was directed by Stuart Beattie and written by Kevin Grevioux.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s creature, Adam (Eckhart), still walks the earth 200 years later. Adam killed his own creator and his wife in retaliation against Dr. Frankenstein who had abandoned him out of fear. With a journal that could recreate a human with no soul, Gargoyles and Demons fought ‘til the death in order to create an army of their own that could live forever. The Gargoyles were portrayed as a godly figure, as Demons were Satan’s soldiers.

The movie was discourteous. If I were to see it again, I would wait until it came out on the one dollar movie rental. Overall, it was a very predictable movie. This myth that was turned into a movie was not original. I am really surprised that they brought in Gargoyles which was different, but it did not make sense with the whole religious side that was not explained a whole lot in the movie.

The special effects were not impressive at all. It looked like every other Frankenstein movie that was back in the 70s. They could have improved it a lot more with the technology that we have today.

Despite it’s downfalls, Eckhart did manage to somewhat redeem the movie with his acting.  Eckhart is obviously struggling both externally and internally.  Even with ‘no soul’ he’s still able to depict good from evil.  His character managed to compensate for the outdated production.

While I was second guessing seeing this movie, I should have waited for the movie to come out on DVD. I would not suggest this movie to teenagers, it is more a movie for children with parental guidance.

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