Hunting for Team Bonding


Team bonding was the goal on Friday, September 30th when teammates Taylor Donaldson, 10, Hannah Tucker, 11, and Ammon Prieto, 12, created a scavenger hunt event for the field hockey C and JV teams.

“I picked random spots around the school then I created the hints. I wanted to make the hints rhyme for a better experience,” Donaldson said.

At each spot there was a hint and a different colored sharpie. They would then mark each color of sharpie on one of the team members’ hands.

“I made sure that they would not cheat by putting a different color sharpie at each of the spots,” Donaldson said. The hints were hidden all around the campus, such as in the 300’s, at the football field scoreboard, on the vending machines and many more locations.

Carly Ems, 10, participated in the scavenger hunt and loved the event. “It was completely created by the girls. It really brought the team together.” Ems said after the hunt.

The hunt lasted for half an hour after school and it was followed by team pictures.

“I wish it could have been longer.” Ems stated. The hunt was so elaborate that some of the teams were unable to finish before pictures.

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