How Vista Creates the Illusion of a Community


Mountain Vista High School often prides itself on the tight-knit community students have formed with each other. We attempt to make it seem like we have each other’s backs, telling one another to stay strong through the hard times.

Do we really learn in a place where the student body can come together and support each other? Can we honestly rely on our peers to help us through rough patches in life? Or is it truly just a game of climbing a social ladder?

Hopefully, we preside under the first circumstance.

Unfortunately, we probably don’t.

Pick out any average individual from the Vista student body and envision that they are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year. Odds are, there would be no rally and no support behind them.crowd

Unless they are the select, popular few they would just be another person who is causing the traffic in the halls to be one of the most annoying parts of school.

On top of that, it is impossible to walk down the halls without watching one student put down another. Sometimes the ones who are being degraded are even being put down by the very people we put on a pedestal. That is not what people want to hear about, but it is the truth and it is undeniable.

More often than not, high school isn’t a place where you feel uplifted. It rather serves as a place of conformity where some are loved and some are lost in the background.

We are in high school. It can’t be expected for us to all love each other and get along. But considering the community Vista honestly has right now: is that what we want?

In all honesty bullying and harassment doesn’t seem like such an ideal basis for a community and putting a slight percentage of our student body on a pedestal doesn’t either.

The community we should strive to create at Vista is one in which we all care for each other not just the select popular few. If Vista really is a ‘family’ shouldn’t we all care when a traumatic experience happens to an unpopular person?

No one should have to go through some of life’s hardest moments feeling alone and the truth is that too many people do.

From the outside it looks as if at Vista you truly are never alone, but maybe in these big halls, you are actually more alone than ever.

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