How To Get a Prom Date


With prom just around the corner, the stress of not having a date might be too much to handle. In case you think you won’t be getting asked this year, we have created a list of tips and tricks in order to help you get a date.

1. Be a fun person.

If you are a fun, loving girl who has a good time with a group of people it will be much easier for a guy to ask you to prom. They want to have fun and do not want to go with somebody who is going to be up tight the entire time. So let loose and have fun! And, boys, do you want to know what’s fun? Asking girls to prom! Almost every girl wants a prom date, and because of poor social standards, it’s your job to ask! So get to it.

2. Try your hardest, but don’t be a try-hard.

I know this seems really stupid but it is true. For the next couple of weeks you better be doing your hair and makeup and looking cute every day. The cuter you look during the week the more likely it is that you will get a cuter date to prom, or a date to prom in general. No guy wants to go to prom with a girl who looks like a troll. And guys, you need to make sure you also look good so a girl will want to say ‘yes’ because girls do not want to go to prom with somebody who smells bad and wears the same shirt every day.

3. Once again, Craigslist can always help you out.

We all know about the infamous “men seeking men,” “men seeking women,” “women seeking women” and “women seeking men” categories. Whichever one you’re down for, it’s worth a shot. Avoid paying for your prom date when using Craigslist, cause the seller might take it the wrong way (and no one wants a prostitution charge).

4. Tweet about it.
beaumont-prom-2013-05eaab8dab92eab5Everybody loves it when you tweet about not having a prom date every day, so if you do not have one yet be sure to tweet at least five times a day so that everybody knows you are not going to prom with anybody. It is sure to make anyone who had any possible interest in you even more interested! Just make sure everybody knows how you are going to prom alone and you are sure to not come off as annoying at all.

5. Serenade the person you want to go to prom with.

Nothing is more romantic than getting sung to in the middle of the night by somebody. All you have to do is find out where they live, what room is theirs and get a big stereo to drown out the sound of your singing. Just make sure you are singing towards their room not somebody elses. It can get awkward if you accidently “ask” their brother or sister to prom instead of them.

6. Come up with a weird way to ask your date to prom.

This time of year is always a time to become extremely creative in order to get what you want and let me tell you, the more creative the better. Nothing will be better than asking your date to prom in a way where they just could not say no. Some ideas you could play off of are arresting them, making them spend the whole day with you (so they fall madly in love with you, obviously), turning a prank into something cute and finally using food is always an easy in for whoever you are asking.

7. Lead them on.

Your ‘date’ is more likely to go with you if they think you are into them. Because of this they will be more likely to say yes when you ask them/be more likely to ask you. Granted some may see this as ‘mean’ or ‘rude’ so just be careful when going about this tip.

8. Blackmail them.

I cannot be more plain than that. If you have dirt on anybody who you may want to go to prom with, just blackmail them until they have to take you. They would not be in the position to say no because what would they do if you outed them?

9. Grow a pair and ask them.

Most people will say yes if they get asked unless they already have a date, have a boyfriend/girlfriend or are out of town. So you should just man up and ask the person you want to go to prom with to go with you.


If all else fails this website is a great way to find a good prom date that is probably much safer than anything you would find on Craigslist. Granted some of these people look like washed up 30-year-olds who are trying to relive their glory days but hey, what is wrong with that? If you are truly desperate.

Still, understand that if you do not get a date with these tips, you are beyond our help and it isn’t necessarily our fault.


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