How Do Vista Students Feel About AP Exams?

With AP exam registration forms already being turned in, it’s just about the time that students taking AP classes start studying for and worrying about their exams. Some students aren’t nervous at all for the tests, others are getting more scared by the day.

“I’m nervous for the AP Language and Composition final,” says Natalie Simpson (11), “but I’m pretty confident for the AP Psychology one since I’ve done well on the tests and FRQs.”

With less than two months before AP exams begin, students begin to study and stress hoping to do well on their exams.

With less than two months before AP exams begin, students begin to study and stress hoping to do well on their exams.

“I suppose that I am [nervous,]” says Samantha Chase (11), “[but] I just say to myself, ‘self, you are just going to have do the best you can with what you have. It may be an AP class, but that means that if you are in it, you are more than up the challenge!'”

Each AP exam costs $89. For students taking multiple exams that number can add up quickly. “At first, when you’re paying for exams it seems like a lot of money,” says Chayenne Theberge (12), “but after you go to college the amount of money in comparison is worth it.”

But students are only given college credit if they earn a score of a three or higher and, in some cases, at least a four. That means a lot of studying to get that score. “It is a little stressful a couple weeks before the test when you’re studying and cramming things that you’ve been studying the entire year,” Theberge says.

“I plan to study quite a bit!” says Hannah Curtis (11).

Most juniors and seniors have taken other AP exams before. But for this year’s freshmen, it’s something completely new. “I’m definitely nervous about the exam because it is quite a new concept and I’m not sure what to expect,” says Raegan Stump (9) about her upcoming AP Human Geography exam, “I will probably use a little bit more time studying for it than the other finals because it is obviously going to be harder.”

“Mrs. Meyers told us about [the AP Human Geography exam] one day in class and I literally started hyperventalating in the back,” says Akanksha Ray (9) laughing, “I took this class because of the college credit but, over the year, I really started to like it. It’s one of my favorite classes now.”

The 2013 exams are scheduled for May 6 to May 17. Tests are given a total score of one through five with a three being the standard for passing the exam.

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