“Hot Pursuit” Movie Review


Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon make a cliche but hilarious team in “Hot Pursuit.”

Witherspoon’s character (Rose Cooper) is a by-the-books, law-abiding police officer who gets stuck inside of the evidence room after overzealously and accidentally tasering the mayor’s son–though she insists she was just following protocol. Vergara’s character (Daniella), on the other hand, is less conventional. She plays the part of a Colombian drug lord’s to perfection, providing a massive amount of sass.

imagesAfter years out of active duty, Cooper is called back into action when Daniella is in need of a female police escort. Within the first few hours of the job, Cooper’s partner and Daniella’s husband both die.

Cooper calls in the case to the police station and waits for the authorities to show up. Only fifteen minutes later, she’s greeted by two of her colleagues. Soon, Cooper becomes suspicious as she was hours away from the station where the two men claim they have came from.

Before long, Cooper and Daniella end up becoming an odd duo as they’re pursued by drug lords and corrupt cops.

The humor never wavers throughout the movie as Daniella rails on Cooper and vice versa for their extremely different, unconventional lifestyles. Whether they’re accidentally hopped up on cocaine, or just attempting to escape capture, there’s something funny about everything Witherspoon and Vergara do.
Even though it received grossly low ratings among websites like Rotten Tomatoes, I’d still give the film four out of five stars. It may not be the best action comedy, but it’s a short 87 minutes of laughs. It wasn’t Vergara or Witherspoon’s best performance, but it’s definitely still worth watching.

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