Horror Movie Game Changers

Every few decades a game changer comes along. The movie craze that started back in the early 20th century is not an exception. Great directors and actors have taken a risk and in turn helped shape how movies are created today. Here are the top 5 game changing movies that helped shape horror movies we see today.


  1. Nosferatu. This 1929 silent horror film was the first of Hollywood’s favorite thing — Monsters. In this highly influential movie stars Max Schreck as Count Orlok, serving as the first vampire to grace American Movie Theaters. Since this release, monster style movies then skyrocketed, making any movie a classic.


  1. Halloween. This is when horror movies changed from physiological games to everyone’s favorite murder and gore. Halloween is about an escaped mental patient who goes back to his home town. The first of it’s kind, this 1978 movie starts the theme of faceless, expressionless killers as well as the famous Scream Queens. It plays with the idea of someone is out in the dark.


  1. Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are great, and we can thank this 1968 film for that. Almost every adaptation of zombies have come from Night of the Living Dead as it describes the undead brain eaters the way they are meant to be seen.


  1. Jaws. This 1965 movie does not seem likely to make a list dedicated to game changing horror movies. Yet it’s story scared an entire generation of moviegoers from going into the ocean. It was directed and acted amazingly, while diving into mankind’s fear of the unknown and exposing how helpless we really are in the ocean.


  1. Alfred Hitchcock Psycho.This 1960 horror film had a guaranteed spot as number one. This famous movie changed common theme typically found in a horror movie, by killing off one of the most popular actress of the time within 30 minutes into the film in one of the most iconic murder scenes off all time. The brightness of the shower murder was quite literally in stark contrast to the typical dark murder scenes. It’s unique sound track has people knowing the movie just by listening. This movie had terrified audiences across the nation for decades as it experiments with mankind’s vulnerability.


Thanks to Mr. Sabot for helping with the creation of this list.


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