Homecoming Week Dodgeball Tournament


The annual homecoming dodgeball game was Sept. 21 and set the tone for the rest of the week.

With 27 teams in attendance including a teacher team, the competitiveness was at an all time high. Most teams played people their own age until the semi-finals which caused a large amount of trash talk.

Each game was three minutes long with most ending because one team had more players in than another. In some rare cases there was a tie. In that event, four players from each team would line up in a sudden death style match.

One of the most exciting overtime matches was between two senior teams, Picked Last and FuFu Hachi. Originally it was believed that Picked Last had one in the regular time however, it later came to light that FuFu Hachi had an extra player in the back making it a tie game. FuFu Hachi ended up losing in sudden death, but it was the most exciting over-time match.

“We worked really well as a team and did really well,” senior Brian Trujillo said. “It made it really sad when we lost to the juniors.”

There was also a consolation tournament occurring in the small gym. The winning teams would then be able to rejoin the winning bracket in hopes of winning it all.

In the final game, The John Krysa’s made up of juniors won against Picked Last which was made up of seniors.

“It was really fun to be with my friends and be able to win the championship,” junior John Krysa said. “We all love homecoming so it was a lot of fun and just a great time.”

Senior Paxton Boyer not only played in the tournament, but also did most of the announcing during the tournament. He was able to get the crowd hype and encourage the players to be more aggressive.

“I like to entertain people and get people excited about things, as well as getting to analyze a fun and different situation like dodgeball,” Boyer said.



Photo taken by: Kelsey Pharis, Lexi Weingardt, Staci Prevato, Jordan MacAuthur and Lauren Lippert

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