Homecoming- Kick Off Assembly

To kick off homecoming week, Mountain Vista Student Leadership held an assembly to prepare students for all the activities and spirit days that will be held.

The assembly started off with a performance from Mountain Vista’s very own Stage Flight Theatre. They performed a scene known as “Merry Old Land of Oz” in front of the entire student body. “I think it went really well,” senior Erick Sherwood, who plays the Scarecrow, said. “I really enjoyed the crowd’s reaction.”

After the play scene, homecoming royalty nominees were announced. Each class had three boys and three girls nominated. Senior Griffen Hankins was one of the nominees. “[I felt] pretty surprised,” Hankins said. “I thought people were going to joke about it but more people voted for me than I thought would.”

To nominate a person, students texted their vote to a number for a leadership poll. The boy and girl who receive the most votes in their class win homecoming royalty.

After the nominees were announced, student leadership showed a video describing the activities that will be held and what to wear on spirit days, all centralized around the Wizard of Oz theme.

As the assembly finished, the excitement around the week was visible. Students skipped out of the gym to the tune of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” The song could not have fit better. After all, homecoming is the most wonderful week of them all.

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