Homecoming Facts and Fakes



With homecoming right around the corner, Mountain Vista is buzzing with excitement. However, with this excitement there are also rumors flying around. With the new changes to our traditional homecoming, it can be hard to get the full experience.. Check out below to find out what you need to know to have the best homecoming experience.


The Wristband:

There are two types of wristbands you are welcome to buy. The first is $30 dollars and will give you access to any homecoming activities and the dance. The second wristband is $35 dollars and along with access to all activities and the dance, it will also provide you with a round way bus pass to and from Sports Authority Stadium.


Where the Dance is At:

The dance will be held this year at Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High (where the Broncos play).  The dance itself will be held under the stands in a room known as the Production Bay. From there students will be able to walk out onto the warning track.

However, students will not be able to touch the grass where the Broncos play. It is considered “sacred Bronco territory.”


Getting to Sports Authority Stadium:

Vista will be providing buses to get to Sports Authority Stadium. However, there will be free parking in lots A and B should you choose to drive. You may arrive at any means necessary. Then proceed to Gate 9 and walk down the tunnel labeled SE.


Pictures at the Dance:

Students will be able to bring their own devices to take as many pictures as they want of the dance and of the field.


Dress Up Days:

Lindsey Jaffe-Miller, coordinator of Homecoming, encourages all students to get involved and to dress up. “The dress themes are super easy this year. It’s most likely things you have in your closet, so nothing that is going to make anyone uncomfortable — unless you want to go crazy than you can.”


With all the changes, just remember to get involved and have fun!

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