Highlands Ranch Harlequins

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.10.47 PMSARA HAINSEY

Excited for the Rugby season? Women’s Rugby games are definitely worth attending this fall. The Highlands Ranch Harlequins are a group of hardworking and dedicated girls.

André Joubert is the head coach for the Women’s Rugby team this year. Joubert is helping prepare the girls for their rival games against the Glendale Raptors as well as Swarm.

Coach Joubert is from South Africa and teaches the girls names for their plays in Afrikaans. One of the team captains and Coach Joubert’s daughter, Tamarin Joubert, said that, “This is one of the teams traditions”.

“Something kind of cool is that we’re the first club team to enter with two teams,” said player Tamarin Joubert.

This year the HR Harlequins have two varsity teams. There are so many  girls interested in playing varsity this year. There is the varsity A team and the varsity B team. The two teams are so good that  the chances of them playing against each other are high!

These girls are tough to beat. Their hard work and determination pushes both teams towards their goal of playing in the championship.

Get excited for 2014 HR Harlequins Women’s Rugby games!

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