Haunted House Review: The Asylum

Asylum.Profile-1As a chainsaw echoes the walls of an industrialized warehouse, screams were followed by laughter. While there was a maze of people to enter, there was even more of a maze in the haunted house.

The Asylum took a unique role by starting out with a game. There was a room that you had to find a switch too and put it in a box, if you didn’t complete this mission then the door opened and the thrill would start. With a piece that was impossible to find, the door opened.

There were different sceneries walking through the pitch black. While the name gave away the main theme, there was a twist about being inside of an asylum. It was staged as if you were being admitted into the asylum itself which created a more realistic scenario. There were people crying, there were people screaming for help and there were also people wanting a piece of each patient.

Objects and people were popping out from tight corners in the wall. The Asylum was more like crossing a street, looking both ways before walking through. There was always a sense of being followed as some actors would follow the person behind the group. They weren’t stationary which added to the story.  

The actors didn’t only play their roles, it was like they prepared the whole year for it. Their makeup was on point, as if there was actual blood in some of the actors’ mouths.

They used their props well to make fellow patients tremble with fear. There were knives and chainsaws that weren’t going to go unnoticed.

The Asylum is a perfect place to go with a boyfriend or even on a first date. The best way to enjoy this thriller of a haunted house, is to bring a group of friends. This is not a haunted house for children, whatsoever.

If there are coupons to shed some dollars off the price, then use them. There is no reason to pay all of that money for a 20 minute long experience. While the prices are outrageous, there are movies that could give the same adrenaline rush.

I give this haunted house 3 out of 5 stars.
There was still so much more that the haunted house could have done to improve the experience. It was easy to figure out which corner they were going to pop out of or what was going to happen next. Something I have not seen before is a haunted house that had a game aspect to it which was different yet, you knew that you were going through the haunted house either way.

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