Haunted House Review: The 13th Floor

While the 13th Floor wanted to fulfill the darkest nightmares, they weren’t too far off. The Thirteenth Floor was staged in, what seemed to be, an abandoned building which is the creepiest scene in most movies.

While walking through the maze of people waiting to enter a horror thrilled house, there were actors outside making people wonder what they have gotten themselves into. Sparks from a blade echoed off local industrial buildings. There were mortified screams coming from inside the haunted house that added to the scary effect.

Entering the house was even more suspense, there were people following you right off the bat. Most of them stayed with you for a few minutes. The person in the back was always in for a treat.

There were different sceneries that inched at everyone’s personal nightmare. There was scenes from junk yards and even a room full of stuffed animals. Clowns, even midgets, were staged to bring out men’s inner girl screams.

There were no corners that actors were behind. They were literally in the wall. Even when you expected them, there was something around the corner that would get you flinching. There were cages that actors would bang on which were loud and unexpected. Towards the end, there were more actors confronting you and screaming at you.  

The experience was worth the money. This is a definite for Halloween.

I would give The Thirteenth Floor a 4.5 out of 5.

There were multiple times where I screamed and wanted to run to the closest exit but those times were mainly just in the end. The haunted house wasn’t consistent the entire time. It was more mellow and got more intense towards the end. If it was full horror and intense the whole time, then it would get 5 stars easily.
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