Hallway Havoc


Traveling from class to class during the new school year has not been easy as swarms of student occupy the main hallway.

It is especially bad at this early point in the school year as new students and freshmen are still learning to navigate their schedules. With many new students and more than 500 freshmen, passing periods in the halls can be very chaotic.

Freshman Chris Peeples said, “I’m late to a lot of classes because of [the hallway traffic]. People just need to walk faster.”

Even though school administrators have stationed a security guard outside the upper 400s to keep students moving, the main hallway can still become very congested.

Security guard Kelli Peckman said, “I think if staff is consistent about keeping movement going and keeping people from congregating, [moving along] will become more of a habit for the kids.”

Students can minimize hallway havoc by following these tips:

Always walk on the right side of the hall. This keeps the constant flow of students moving from class to class.

When talking to others, don’t  stand in the middle of the hallway. Stand close to the walls or in the pods to allow other students to get to their destinations in a timely manner.

The same goes for the stairs. If the main hallway is already at a standstill, take the nearest stairs to get to the lower hallway and pass through quicker.

Peckman thinks that letting the upstairs classes out three to five minutes earlier than the downstairs ones is one idea that could reduce the number of people in the hallway at once and keep things moving.

Freshman Kenna Hurst said, “[Because of the hallway traffic] I just want to punch people in the face. Most people know shortcuts, and they should go there instead of just walking the halls.”

Traveling through the hallways can be simple and easy as long as students take small steps to improve the flow of traffic and move efficiently and quickly.

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