GOP Debate Results

imgresThe second GOP debate that took place last wednesday on CNN lived up to it’s hype. 23 million tuned in to watch, making it the most watched program in CNN history. Here is my personal take after watching the debate.


Top 3 performances:

  1. Carly Fiorina- One word to describe Fiorina’s performance at the debate-powerful. If there was any doubt across the republican party on Fiorina’s electability or potential to take down Hillary (or any other possible democratic representative) prior to Wednesday’s debate than that doubt most likely diminished after Fiorina’s stellar performance. Fiorina delivered strong answers on questions regarding the recent Iran deal, how to deal with Vladimir Putin, and Planned Parenthood. Fiorina even stood up to Trump (more on this to follow). Perhaps the most impressive thing about Fiorina’s performance was the was she delivered her answers. Her answers came across as passionate, intelligent and powerful.
  2. Marco Rubio- Even though Rubio started off his night with a bit of an awkward moment (Rubio commented on how he made sure he brought his own water bottle since California is in a drought, check it out here: ) he proved to have a very strong night (just like I predicted in my article titled what each GOP candidate needs to do to be successful tonight, wink wink.) Rubio was very knowledgeable about foreign policy and effectively delivered wise and articulate answers to pretty much every question he was asked. Rubio skillfully fended off an attack from Trump after Trump questioned Rubio’s absences at the senate to which Rubio said, “You’re right, I have missed some votes, and I’ll tell you why, Mr. Trump. Because in my years in the Senate, I’ve figured out very quickly that the political establishment in Washington, D.C. in both political parties is completely out of touch with the lives of our people. That’s why I’m missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate, I’m not running for re-election, and I’m running for president because I know this: unless we have the right president, we cannot make America fulfill its potential, but with the right person in office, the 21st century can be the greatest era that our nation has ever known.”
  3. Chris Christie- To many people’s surprise Christie put together yet another impressive performance at the debate. In my opinion Christie had one of the most memorable lines of the night (continue reading to see what it was). Christie made it clear that he has been governor in New Jersey (typically a blue state). Christie talked about his history of defunding planned parenthood and his plan to help build up the middle class.


Funniest Moments:

  1. Trump the bully- Trump started off the night attacking senator Rand Paul right off the bar saying that Paul didn’t deserve to be on the stage. Paul then talked about how Trump is a bully and just makes fun of people’s appearances to which trump replied, “I never attacked him [Paul] on his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter there.”
  2. Jeb Bush or Jeb Kush?– The question on whether states should be allowed to legalize marijuana came up which led to Jeb Bush admitting to have smoked pot 40 years ago. Jeb then said that his mother probably wasn’t all too proud after hearing her son admit this in front of millions of people on national TV.


Best Answers:

  1. Carly Fiorina Eloquently destroys Trump– Fiorina was asked to reply on a comment Trump previously made about Fiorina’s face (““Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”). When Asked about the comment Fiorina replied, “I think women all over the country heard very clearly what Mr.Trump said.” Fiorina’s reply was so good that it caused Trump to back pedal and say “I think she has a beautiful face and is a beautiful woman.” It’s not all too often that Trump takes back what he says and (somewhat?) apologizes.

Chris Christie on what really matters– During the debate Fiorina and Trump got in an exchange about each other’s professional history to which Christie interrupted and said, “While I’m as entertained as anyone by this personal back-and-forth about the history of Donald and Carly’s career, for the 55-year-old construction worker out in that audience tonight who doesn’t have a job, who can’t fund his child’s education, I’ve got to tell you the truth. They could care less about your careers, they care about theirs. Let’s start talking about that on this stage and stop playing — and stop playing the games.” This reply most likely hit home to the majority of Americans, the middle class, and definitely helped Christie’s campaign.

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