“Gone Girl” Movie Review


“Gone Girl,” starring Ben Affleck as ‘Nick Dunne’ and Rosamund Pike as ‘Amy Dunne,’ was a perfect contemplation of Gillian Flynn’s novel.

It’s difficult to say much about the movie without giving away some of the key plot twists, so if you’re interested in seeing this movie without knowing how everything turns out, here’s your warning to stop reading.

The movie opens up on the day of Nick and Amy’s wedding anniversary, which is also the day of Amy’s disappearance. It seems almost painfully obvious that Nick is at Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterfault for murdering his wife considering all he has to say about her.

Nick is questioned by police and scrutinized by the media. Of course, he handles the entire scenario wrong and even has a mistress on the side that comes to light later on. All of these things lead to his arrest, though it is short lived.

While all this is going on, the viewer now knows that Amy is alive. Her disappearance was her way of getting revenge on her husband for cheating.

Amy had an entire plan figured out to ensure Nick was imprisoned or killed until she is robbed by what appears to be two crack addicts.

She is then forced to turn to an ex-boyfriend, Desi (played by Neil Patrick Harris), for a place to live and survive. Desi seems to be her perfect match, as he is also a little off in the head.

As time passes, Nick goes onto national television and ‘talks’ to Amy, who is actually listening in from Desi’s lakehouse. This causes Amy to have a change of heart and she kills Desi in order to make her way back to Nick.

Of course, Nick knows she’s crazy and tries to bring what she has done to light, but to no avail.

“Gone Girl” ultimately represents the story of a marriage that goes downhill like too many often do. The only thing different about this story is that the wife turns out to be a bit of a sociopath.

The film, like the book, ends on a total cliffhanger leaving the audience demanding an answer as to what happens. Unfortunately, we may never know.

The movie’s screenplay was written by Flynn, who also wrote the novel, making it completely on point with the book.

Aside from the amazing writing, Affleck’s lead role as a slightly arrogant, yet innocent husband of the seemingly deceased is amazing while Pike’s performance as a sociopathic wife fits perfectly.

As if the cast and story weren’t enough, David Fincher directed this story into an absolute masterpiece. The style of the film, switching from Nick to Amy to Nick, was purely amazing.

Overall, the film definitely deserved a full rating of five out of five stars. “Gone Girl” is absolutely a must see that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire 145 minute run time.


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