Golden Globes 2016: Best and Worst Dressed



The 2016 Golden Globes went down in a spiral of censored jokes, tears, applause and awards. One of the most talked-about aspects in any award show is the red carpet that occurs before and after the show. Sunday, stars lined the red carpet awaiting their own turn to show their attire to the mob of waiting press. Below is my list of the best and worst dressed of the night.



Jennifer Lawrence: JLaw’s sleek, red dress was a surprising twist on her normal extravagant dresses. Her Dior Haute Couture gown was topped with more than 156 carats of diamonds, giving her the persona of wearing a statement necklace. The dress was made more lively by the cutouts on her sides- sticking to a new trend for the year. Lawrence never disappoints and Sunday was no different.


Alicia Vikander: Her white gown stunned the red carpet from the moment she arrived at the Golden Globes. This Louis Vuitton dress features skinny pleats in the skirt, showcasing a rising trend from this year’s spring runway. The pleats added volume to her gown, while the top added texture. The top of her dress was trimmed with frill and complimented her slender figure. By wearing her hair in an updo she was able to show off the crossing straps on the back of her dress and her tanned skin. She accessorized with diamonds, adding the perfect finishing touches to her angelic look.


Olivia Wilde: Olivia Wilde was six months pregnant last time we saw her at the Golden Globes (and yet, her green Gucci custom dress from then is still something that tops my best dressed list). This year, she went for bold and daring. Her red Michael Kors Collection gown showed off her figure with a super-plunging neckline. She accessorized the gown with a chunky necklace from Bulgari, which perfectly enhanced the sequin gown. Wilde may top the list with the most daring fashion risk of the night.



Kate Hudson: I loved Kate’s look, which is why I hate having her on the worst dressed list. Her polka-dotted Michael Kors dress kept to the trend of daring cutouts. Her dress showed off her abs and her toned figure. I could do without the choker accent on Kate’s dress however. To me, it took away from the overall aura of the dress and added a cheaper looking feel. Because the neckline was the same material as Hudson’s dress, it looked as if her body was being cut into three pieces. Without the choker, Hudson’s dress is a winner; with the choker, Hudson’s dress didn’t shock or surprise me.


Patricia Arquette: Her black dress was sophisticated and captured my eye, but the giant white bow on the front is what turns this dress from sophisticated to unrefined. The bow was so large, it seemed to swallow Arquette’s petite figure. I couldn’t focus on her, because I was too busy wondering why they opted to stick such a huge bow on the front of her perfectly beautiful dress.


Regina King: Regina King’s dress awed the red carpet, but it was the cape on the back that took her sequined look from classy to tacky. The sheer cape did nothing for her Kirkor Jabotian ensemble; it simply didn’t match at all. The two pieces looked like they were taken from two completely different looks.


Overall, it’s the details that took down the stars and landed them on my worst dressed list.

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