Glance at Peace in Syria


The civil war in Syria has finally shown the first signs of coming to an end after the first ceasefire of any kind was made in the
town of Talkalakh last week.url

Rather than the pattern of stalemate and bipartisan spirit that has spread through the nation in recent months, the people of Talkalakh and local government forces both ceased hostilities and have begun limited negotiations.  Daily life in the city has returned for the most part, and the market is once again abuzz with life.

The resulting agreement between the formally polarized factions shows that a negotiated end to the conflict may not be as impossible as previously thought. The rebels are adamant that the regime must fall, however, and the likeliness that Al-Assad will step down remains as unlikely as ever.

However, if the moderates on both sides come together and actually try to find a viable end to the conflict, then the nation they both love may finally see the peace it wants.

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