Girls Soccer State Preview


On March 10th at Legacy Stadium, the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team played their first game of the season against Smoky Hill High School, winning 3-2 in overtime. Over the course of their season, including playoffs, the team has certainly had their fair share of wins, losses, and ties.

Mallory Pugh, star player of last season and member of the U.S Women’s National Team, was unable to play for the school this year due to her commitments to the upcoming olympics with the Women’s team. Despite having struggled to beat tough opponents during games last season when Pugh was unable to play, her absence this year was not an obstacle to the team.

While their honorary captain was making waves on the international stage, the Girl’s team powered through their season, making their way into the state tournament. During playoffs, they have defeated Fossil Ridge, Cherokee Trail, Arapahoe, and Columbine putting them in the finals this upcoming Wednesday.

“We were able to make it to where we are today [because of our] confidence and trust we have together,” Kylee Love, sophomore goalkeeper, said. “I think that a team who has a strong trust in each other is a team that succeeds together.”

Now, on Wednesday May 25 at 7:30 p.m., the Girls Varsity Soccer team will be playing against Grandview High School in the 5A State Final at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for a chance to become state champions.

The two teams have played each other before in the second game of the season, which resulted in a tie. This tie is the only outcome besides a win that Grandview has experienced this season, as they are coming into the game with a 17-0-1 record.

Vista is going into the game having experienced three losses during the season, leaving them with a 15-3-1 record. As long as they can play their game and act as a team, they can turn their previous tie with Grandview into a win and take home the state title.

“I think that what we need to focus on is something our coach always tells us before we go out on the pitch, it’s not about what they do it’s all about what we do,” Love said. “I’m feeling so pumped to be playing in the finals.”

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