Girls and Women in Sports Luncheon



Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Girls may be all these things, but being some of the top athletes in the state is another. As stated in MaxPreps, Mountain Vista High School girls’ basketball team is ranked 51 in the state and soccer is ranked third. The girls’ tennis team had their most successful season last year, finishing fourth in the state. This season, our poms team won the 5A jazz division, earning its seventh title.  

The National Girls and Women in Sports Day was created in 1987 to commemorate Flo Hyman, an olympic volleyball player who was the face for women equality in sports. Since then, female athletes from around the world come together to celebrate the various accomplishments of women in sports on Feb. 3rd.

Douglas County School District (DCSD) takes part in this celebration by holding an annual luncheon to recognize the achievements of various female athletes in the district. This year, seniors Molly McCabe (basketball,) Mallory Pugh (soccer,) Giselle Sawaged (soccer,) Allison Osowski (poms,) and Kendra Lavallee (tennis,) will represent Mountain Vista at the luncheon this Friday at Chaparral High School.

Work, play, and school everyday. These five student-athletes are devoted to their school work and varsity sports. From their hard work, leadership, and accomplishments, they continue to make the school proud and be examples for aspiring female athletes in the school.

(Note: A follow-up story will be posted after the banquet including interviews from the representatives about the luncheon.)

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