G-Eazy: Some Kind of Rapper


Gerald Earl Gillum, known by his stage name G-Eazy or Young Gerald, is a 26-year-old American hip-hop recording artist from Oakland, California. His last album These Things Happen, released in 2014, peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200.imgres

Releasing his sophomore album When It’s Dark Out on Dec. 4, 2015, G-Eazy kicked off his tour of the new album Jan. 6 in Portland, Ore. Sunday Jan. 10 he performed at the First Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo.

Opening acts Nef the Pharaoh, Marc E. Bassy and A$AP Ferg helped energize the crowd and get everyone in the mood for a night of non-stop partying. Nef the Pharaoh kicked the concert off, followed by Bassy and lastly A$AP. Up until A$AP took the stage, starting with a countdown video to get the crowd hyped for his performance, a majority of the audience was seated waiting for the man himself (G-Eazy) to perform.

After the three opening acts fans had to wait yet again for the stage to be re-configured for the main act, but it was clear that patience had paid off when screams erupted from the crowd as G-Eazy’s song “Random” began to play.

The scene on stage was set with a club, bar and hotel to backdrop the rapper. Incandescent signs on set lit the stage in bright pink and red. Personally, I’ve never seen a rapper, or any performer for that matter, have a set like this on stage. Although it reminded me of a play, it worked incredibly well to highlight G-Eazy. Obviously unconventional, it was refreshing to see something other than a band or a screen behind the performer.

G-Eazy opened his performance with several songs from his newest album, but handed the crowd popular throwbacks to his previous album These Things Happen. His mix of old and new songs balanced extremely well, and the crowd never stopped dancing.

imgres-1Not only was his performance flawless, but the light show and vibrating bass did not disappoint. I could literally feel the beat and the severely bright, white strobe lights may have blinded some if one looked directly at them. All around, the atmosphere was electric.

Many of G-Eazy’s songs tell stories of his past, his rise to fame and his struggles. During his song “Everything Will Be Okay,” highlighting dark parts of his childhood and the loss of his mother’s partner, the emotion and vulnerability he has put into his work was clear. Although his voice barely quivered towards the end of the third verse it was just enough to catch the audiences attention. Wiping his eyes with his hand, it was clear that he was re-living a difficult part of his past in front of a sold out crowd.

His genuine love for what he does and gratitude for his successes was evident as he thanked the crowd for their support multiple times. G-Eazy never skipped a beat during his time on stage, and his humble attitude sold me on making his concerts a regular, and unmissable, event to attend. It’s clear that he has not forgotten his roots and is thankful for all that he has, a trait I believe a majority of celebrities lack.

Overall, I give this concert four stars. Although the wait time and flow of the concert tested some patience, I believe G-Eazy is an outstanding, and talented, artist to watch.

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