From Books to Movies


Paying attention to books can be difficult for the average teenager. Even the students who are passionate about reading say they need a break sometimes. This is true for sophomore Cassandra English, who’s in her second year of Mountain Vista High School’s book club.

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, students in the club got together with Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Cox to see The Book Thief, a movie based on the bestselling novel.

“We always see a movie every year to see a book visualized,” English said, “We knew The Book Thief was a very emotional and touching story so we decided to go and see it.”

English’s overall opinion of the movie is very positive.

“I can truly say it’s the only movie I have seen that has done the book justice. It followed the book so well and the only parts they left out were little and unimportant,” English said.

She said she does not have a favorite particular part of the movie.

 She enjoyed the novel, and in turn she enjoyed the “nearly perfect” portrayal of the movie. “The actors were amazing and they highlighted every important part of the book.”

It is safe to say that English and other members of the club would recommend seeing the movie. The Book Thief released November 8 and will be playing in theatres for a few more weeks. Book club’s next meeting is on January 8, and they will resume normal activities.

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