Freshmen Talk: Sophomore Year


As the 2014-2015 school year is coming to a close, the class of 2018 will no longer be at the bottom of the food chain, but sophomores. As they can officially register for next year, what classes are they planning on taking?

Freshman Briana Cahill, who took AP Human Geography this year is continuing on the AP track for social studies. “I loved that class, it was my favorite. I am taking AP next year because I want the weighted GPA.” Cahill said.

There are two AP options that the freshmen could have registered for, or they could have registered for US Government paired with one of four social studies electives.

Options for sophomore year English consisted of Honors English II or English II. Those that took Honors English I are planning on remaining in the Honors track.

Freshman JP Krueger said, “My favorite part of Honors English I was the teacher. I am taking Honors English II because I liked it [English] this year.”

Freshman Maycie McDougal took Foundations of Physics for science and wants to continue in the Honors track by registering for Honors Biology sophomore year. Although she is excited about the challenges ahead, she is more interested in where they will take her.

“I’m excited to be one year closer to graduating!” McDougal said.

Once in the Honors track for math, it is uncommon that students will drop out of it. For this reason, freshmen like Neal Singh are continuing in the Honors track sophomore year.

Singh said, “I took Honors Geometry this year and I liked the challenge, so I am taking Honors Algebra II Trig.”

The class of 2018 continues to strive towards success by taking classes they know will benefit them in the future in order to pursue their goals they want to accomplish.

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