Freshmen Talk: Macbeth


Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. Mountain Vista High School’s Stageflight Theatre put on Macbeth, including the student show, four times. Each time full of boisterous word play and tricky maneuvers. Freshmen had the opportunity to participate in the play through various roles and behind the scenes work.

“Macbeth, being one of the many incredible shows by Shakespeare, is just very new to me. I haven’t done anything with Shakespeare before,” freshman Cailey Adams said. “I was kinda scared going into it but I soon realized that the language is so complex and somewhat confusing but also very beautiful and poetic. I’m just really glad to be able to become one of these characters and express the language.”

The freshmen practiced their stage combat skills as well.

“I was most excited for my fight scene,” freshman Anya Strauss said. “We had been working on it and running it everyday since before winter break, so it’s cool to have the hard work pay off.”

Being a part of a production with upperclassmen, the freshmen have learned from them and created a bond through their love of theatre.

“We don’t segregate, we are all equal,” Freshman Alex Smith said. “We all get treated the same and the cast will party together like we came from the same mother. The only thing that changes between us is that they have cars to drive us home and lead the warm-ups.”

Beside the stage, techies like freshman Mathew Grover help piece the show together.

“I made ambient sounds backstage,” Grover said. “Including drums, bells, knocking and so on. I liked it when I rang the bell after King Duncan was found dead.”

The class of 2018 continues to shine in new lights and experience magic from their successes.

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