BLOG: Fox Friday Finale


I’m so mad.

The top headline on Fox News’ political section is currently an article by Howard Kurtz entitled Why CNBC’s debate fiasco fuels the case that journalists hate Republicans.”

Straight up, I didn’t watch the debate. What I have seen instead are clips and articles recounting what sounds like a complete and total failure on the part of journalists who worked to put it together.

That being said, I highly doubt Kurtz is wrong in accusing the press staff at CNBC of being ill prepared. I’m also sure that the debate may have been bias, unfair and filled with gotcha questions.

I went along with Kurtz’ article (and even agreed for a while) until about halfway through when I read something that directly attacked every journalist with no exception.

“[A]ll journalists are snarky and arrogant, and they have no interest in being fair to Republicans,” Kurtz said.


I might be a little snarky, but I like to refer to it as something a little more upstanding like excitable or something more accurate like impatient. As for arrogance, that’s just offensive.

I’m not sure Kurtz really understood the meaning of arrogance, though.

I would say it’s pretty arrogant to focus on personal attacks during a debate rather than question candidates on the substance of their debate.

I’d also say it’s pretty arrogant to assume that an entire profession is uneducated.  

Earlier in his article, Kurtz even wrote example after example of different articles that called the debate a failure. Kurtz was writing his own article that called the debate a failure. Yet he still thinks all journalists are not only biased against the GOP, but also hate Republicans?

It’s pretty self explanatory why this article was on par with the most recent Republican debate. All that’s left to say is a little question and comment to Kurtz himself: If all journalists are snarky and arrogant, does that make you snarky and arrogant? Aren’t you a member of the media– or, better yet, a journalist? This article is the equivalent of me saying “Article proves Fox News hates journalists.” You’re right in saying the debate was flawed, but wrong in everything else. This is flat out sad.

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