Fly Fishing: What Is It And How Do I Start?


Why fly fish?

Fly fishing is a fun, exciting change from everyday life. It is tedious, but when you catch a fish, it is very rewarding. It is difficult to get many aspects of it down, and many people quit after a couple months. But with practice, comes perfection.

Where do I go to start?

A great starting place is at Chatfield State Park, which is just 10 miles from Mountain Vista. There is a large variety of fish at Chatfield. In the reservoir where there are trout, perch, carp, crappies and largemouth bass.

What flies are going to catch trout during the fall?

During the fall, dry flies are going to be your best bet. Red ants size 14 will be very effective during the fall season. On warm days, there may be mayfly hatches on trout streams where size 24 will work great. Grasshoppers and dark colored beetles also work during dusk.

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