Five Interesting Facts about Prom

Prom (short for promenade) is just around the corner, and the long-standing high school tradition has a fair share of trivia surrounding it.

1. Prom initially began as a simple gathering for high school seniors and dates back to the beginning of the 1900s. The event was seen as a milestone for teens to enter the next stage of their lives as they enter into adulthood. It was not until the ‘50s that proms began to be extravagant and resemble the proms of today.

2. In 1975, Susan Ford, daughter of United States President Gerald Ford, held her senior prom in the white house. The President was away in Europe as the prom was going on and the event was chaperoned by the Secret Service.

3. According to studies by Visa in 2014, the average family spends $978 for a single student during the prom season. Prices for how much a family spends on prom is increasing, as the average cost was $807 in 2011.

4. 5% of girls lose their virginity on prom night while 3% of boys lose theirs. 14% percent of girls have sex on prom night overall but no data was available for boys, although it would presumably be around the same figure.

5. 54% of students drink more than 4 drinks on prom night and more than 90% of teens believe their fellow classmates will likely drink and drive on prom night.

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