Five Easy Ways to Save the Planet Today



Saving our planet isn’t an easy thing, but it is important.  If everyone made even a small change in their daily lives, a big difference would be made in the world. Here are a few ways that are simple that you can change in your daily lives.

1. Switch to energy-efficient fluorescent lightbulbs. These lightbulbs can save not only money, but also reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.  Imagine if everyone used these lightbulbs, we would be able to reduce pollution in a big way.

2. Recycle bottles and paper.  Sure we have heard this time and time again, but do we really do it?  If you evaluate your daily life, typically you would not make the effort to recycle your Coke bottle simply because there is a trash can in front of you and not a recycling bin.  Sooner or later our resources are gonna become scarce, and this ultimately keeps that from happening.  Make sure to remove the cap on your bottle though.  Due to companies not having a cap removing specific job, bottles with caps will just be tossed.

3.  Adjust your thermostat.  With the Fall and Winter months upon us, we can make the decision now to not splurge on over heating in our homes.  Simply wear sweats, long sleeves, and plenty of blankets instead of creating tropical air in your home.

4. Use your own coffee cup.  Especially with those pumpkin spice lattes coming out, choose to use your own coffee mug, cup, or thermos.  Everyday millions of paper and plastic coffee cups are thrown away.  This is a perfect way to reduce that, plus using a thermos can keep your favorite drink warmer longer.

5. Turn your computers off at night.  Turning off your computer completely instead of putting your computer in sleep mode will save about 40 watt-hours per day.  This in turn can save you money as well just like most energy savers.

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