First Snowfall


Many students have looked excitedly to this day for almost a week now, after seeing snow on the forecast. Today, Nov. 17, the first snow of the winter season fell. 

“I really missed the snow so I was really excited to see that it was finally here,” senior Makenna Hemmerle said. “It makes me want to curl up with a blanket and drink hot chocolate.”

However, although many are excited for the fun activities that comes with the winter season, it also brings the cold weather and snowy streets that some dread. 

“I like watching it out my window, but not driving in it or going to school,” Hemmerle said. 

Regardless of these nuisances, students are thankful the first snowfall has finally come. The lack of cold weather was alarming to many students, due to the fact that this is the latest date of the first snowfall that Denver has had in the past ten years. 

“The warm temperatures lately had me worrying about global warming, because clearly it’s not normal to have 70 degree weather in November,” Hemmerle said. “It’s comforting to know that all is well in the world now that it has finally snowed.”

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