Featured Drive: Peak to Peak Scenic Byway


For most people in Colorado, traveling to the mountains to watch the aspen trees change color is a yearly tradition. Instead of driving the usual route, Guanella Pass, this year my family decided to drive the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway which ends in Estes Park.

Being among one of the many scenic byways in the state of Colorado, Peak to Peak was established in 1918 making it Colorado’s oldest highways. During its founding time, there were many various mines along highway 72 and 119. Some of the mines can be seen from the roadside, and others are somewhat visible as you are driving. Other interesting sights that can be seen along the way are an old abandoned church and some of the biggest casinos in Colorado which lies in the small town of Blackhawk. Besides the long drive, Estes Park is definitely worth it for a quick weekend getaway.

Among the smaller mountain towns that you pass through, lies Estes Park which is one of the most interesting yet family, friendly places ever. Being the most visited mountain village in Colorado, Estes Park is a must visit place for out of state tourists and is the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Besides the amazing scenery, the town is also filled with various ice cream, salt water taffy shops, and souvenir places located on the very populated main streets. Other fun and notable places include the Christmas Store as well as various sculpture and glass shops. Also found on the main street is the Estes Valley Library which is constantly holding art festivals, book fairs, and other fun yet free events for the residents and visitors.

Photos by Caitlin English


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