FEATURE: Support for Sophomore Lexie Quinata


Sophomore Lexie Quinata is a bright face in the halls of Vista. She is an avid basketball player and video gamer, with an interest in fashion designing. Quinata enjoys watching Cake Boss, eating tacos, coloring and playing with her dogs.

“I got to know Lexie when I was [a] Peer Intern last year, we clicked so well,” Senior Averi Dyer said. “She would do anything for you and is so selfless. She likes drawing other people’s pictures and making jewelry.”

Even though Quinata keeps a bold smile, she has had a difficult past, with an upcoming challenge. Quinata was diagnosed at 22 months with cancer that has returned several times throughout her life.

Quinata is diagnosed with Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors (pPNET) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). pPNET is cancer that forms in bone or soft tissue. COPD is a disease that affects the airflow to the lungs, Quinata obtained this through the years of radiation on her lungs.

On Oct. 23, Quinata underwent an extensive surgery to extract a recurrent tumor. Unfortunately, Quinata’s insurance doesn’t cover her recent tumor removal and reconstruction surgery so Quinata’s family is reaching out to the community for help and strength throughout the surgical and recovery process.

“Lexie is a very loving person and always in high spirits. She loves being at school and I will say [it] is the first school she ever felt that way,” Quinata’s mom, Laura Yanez said. “No matter what, Lexie always has a big smile on her face.”

Quinata will be out of school for several months, but still in high hopes, she wants the community to know that she loves Vista.


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