FCA Barbecue


For Labor Day weekend, Fellowship of Christian Athletes had a barbecue at Falcon park with Highlands Ranch High School, Rock Canyon High School and ThunderRidge High School. They grilled burgers and hot dogs, played games and worshipped along with their band.

The barbecue was mixed with other schools in hopes that students could build connections with people outside of Vista.

Senior Kat Cash is captain of FCA. “I think it’s one thing to be able to unite as a school and come together to worship and grow in your faith, but then having the opportunity to do that with other schools is when we start to build community,” Cash said.

Senior Kyser Coplen worship leader for FCA, played guitar with the worship team. “After [playing] games I usually play three or four worship songs and then I have a team that plays with me, so usually five or six guys in the band,” Coplen said.

The barbecue was open to anyone who wanted to come, even if they aren’t a member of the club. Freshmen Ashley Butler, Aubyn Snyder and Alex Begler have been to FCA several times before the barbecue. “It’s great to be with friends,” Snyder added.

Sophomore Jessi Cash is also a part of FCA and her favorite part is the worship. “I like the idea of having a family to go to on Mondays after school, kinda like a sports team but it’s a club,” Cash said.IMG_1945IMG_1949IMG_1946

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