Fatal Footbags?

Hacky sack is a sport widely spread across the school, but can it be made a weapon? Freshman Jade Rannette was victimized when one of these sacks of sand was turned into a weapon. A hacky sack was used in a slingshot aimed to be funny, but sent her to the hospital unconscious, hitting her in her right eye.
“Even in the game of Flog when the hacky sack is pegged at your back it’s painful. I can’t imagine what a slingshot could do, no wonder she was knocked out,” senior Robbie Barich said.
A slingshot can launch things at a velocity of 60 meters per second. The back of sand flying at these speeds is equivalent to a rock.
“The doctor said that if the aim had been two centimeters to the right, I could have lost my eye and even my life,” Jade said. “It’s over now, it’s just one of those freak accidents. It’s too bad hacky sacks are banned in the school from the actions of a couple of stupid kids with a slingshot.”
The ones who slingshotted the hacky sack were suspended for a week. It strikes the question, what if that aim was two more centimeters to the right? Jade was lucky and gets to keep her eye, but what will happen to the hacky sackers?
“That kid better watch out, he ruined hacky sacking for everyone. I’m seriously so pissed my hacky sack was taken. It was sentimental,” senior Jake Hewlett said.
Hacky sacks were already banned indoors officially, but the administration was lenient to the players as long as they kept it under control. Now most administration and security will confiscate any hacky sack seen indoors.
The impulsive actions of a couple kids with a sling shot ruined the game for most players. Tension remains among the players, Jade is healing and the kids remain regretful.
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